Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Summer 2017

OMG, it's been 3 years long that I have not done anything to my own website.  Let's see, what has happened in between:

- got a job on Jan. 2015 with only 25% salary original salary with no benefit;
- revised a scored but not funded research grant on March 2015;
- applied a job with 75% of original salary in another state on April 2015;
- got the offer on May 2015 immediately following an interview;
- prepared and sold the house on June/July/August 2015;
- found out the grant revised on March scored at top 2%; which is 3 months too late!;
- moved into a small house in August 2015 close to the new job;
- started a new job at the end of August 2015;
- ski trip to CO mountains on Thanksgiving holiday
- ski trip to Utah on Christmas holiday;
- promoted myself to 100% salary with a better Academic title on Jan. 2016;
- learning to work for a boss and to be a boss in the same time;
- short trip to China on April 2016;
- short trip to France on June/July 2016;
- vacation to CO mountains on Thanksgiving holiday;
- vacation to Mexico on Carnival Cruise Ship for the first time in my life on Christmas holiday;
- trying to be my own boss again by applying a new job;
- ski trip to CO mountains on Winter break 2017;
- landed on a new job and promoted myself with a 20K increase in salary on April 2017;
- hired a last person into my lab formally yesterday, finally, my lab is now formally rebuilt!

Here I am, when the family of 3 are on vacation in France, I am trying to write a blog post.  Now, let's greet to each other, shall we, how are you all, my friends on the internet?

This is a post of description of my single life following a married life of 14 years.  It's going to be boring as I won't do extensive edits.

Saturday (06/24/2017) afternoon - said goodbye at the international airport;
Sunday morning - joined a dance group of girls;
Sunday afternoon - visited a luxurious house close to our house and then hosted 2 other dance girls late lunch;
Sunday night - worked overnight at work; slept from 6-8 am!
Monday - drove myself in the middle of tropical storm Cindy following a sinner at a friend's Apt, which was super dangerous when I was severely sleep-deprived.  Felt lucky to be alive!

Now it's Tuesday afternoon and I wrote this post within 30 min. because I wanted to take a break from all the administrative work that I have been doing ever since April!!!