Saturday, September 24, 2011

IVF journey - Part VI, successful frozen cycle I

One of the advantages to know people who also go through IVF process (we call the ivfers) is to be able to compare notes.  During my ivf journey, I was not able to find anyone in my age group in person so I went online to find them.  In order for the ones who are on this journey to compare your progress and mine, I wish to show you my process of our first successful frozen cycle in which we concieved Mia/Zhuzhu, our first IVF baby, here.

As you probably know by now, frozen cycles are much simpler than whole ivf cycles, because frozen cycles have no egg growing and collecting procedures.  Here is what generally happens during such cycles.

1) BCP: for 21 days, starting from the 2nd or 3rd day of the period to make sure that my ovaries do not wake up any eggs. 

2) Lupron: for 14 days, 20U/day, starts at the 17th day of BCP which overlaps with the last 5 days of BCP to further suppress ovaries to make sure no egg growth. 

3) E2 dots (Patches, 0.1 mg/dot), starting on the 10th day of Lupron which overlaps with the last 5 days of Lupron to stimulate endometrium growth. 

The dose of E2 is increased progressively so that your body can be fooled to think there is an egg growing in the ovary.  I started with 1 dot for 4 days (change to new dot every 2 days), 3 dots for 4 days (change to new ones every 2 days), then 4 dots for the rest of journey (change to new ones every 3 days).  Keep at this level until your blood E2 level reaches above 200 and lining reaches 8 mm (for me, it took 15 days after the start of E2, but my E2 level was boosted by the use of estrace pills for 2 days prior to embryo transfer since my level was not high enough).  Continue this until pg test. If positive, continue until 10th week pg

4) Progesterone: starts at 20th day of the E2.  Every Morning, 50 mg/ml, injection (PIO), before bed: 100 mg/suppository.  Keep at this level until pg test, if positive, continue until 11th week. 

5) Transfer day: for me is the 24th day after the start of E2 - depending on how ready your E2 level and lining thickness. 

6) After transfer, continue E2 dots and progesterone until pg test. 

PIO is a hell to go through but you will survive.  Good luck!

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