Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Colorful pee

Remy/Niuniu spoke about everything, in full sentences, at age of 18 months or so.  This has been great since it makes our parenting him very easy.  We have always known exactly what he wants at any giving time ever since then. Now he is 2 and 4 months and much more proficient at letting everyone know what's in his little mind.  This expressiveness of him becomes less welcomed and even can be embarrassing sometimes. Yesterday at Washington DC airport, I took him with me to the toilet. He said,

"Mommy, your pee pee is red, mine is yellow."

"Yes, yes, could you please shut up, sometimes?" - I wanted to tell him that, but instead, I pretended that I was dead.

And I heard a laugher from my neighbor fellow.

1 comment:

  1. Just wait until your in the checkout line at the store and he says "Look, Mommy, that woman is FAT!" Or even better is when he holds his nose and says "Ewww, you farted."