Sunday, September 29, 2013

A break from grant writing

Boy I am not kidding when I said that I needed to claim my identity back!  I'm completely dedicated my days and nights to this grant writing lately.  By the beginning of next month, I will be done with 2 of my planned 3 grants.  I am still having 2 papers to draft, which I have not even started to gather the necessary data yet.  The remaining days of 2013 won't be too relaxed for me.

On the other hand, having completed 2 grants in 2 months, I begin to wonder where all my months and days had gone prior to these 2 productive months?  On the top of being able to write grants, I even can take a peek at what my Facebook friends up to from time to time when I want a quick break.  Even they are surprised about why I suddenly come out to play with them - I usually don't check Facebook more than 3x per week and rarely I would even say a thing or two.  Now, I am commenting/posting/shouting/laughing/ like a 14 yo!

Who knew that I still have so much desire to be young again.

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