Wednesday, September 25, 2013

My facebook friends do not like my joke

What about you guys?

I posted this on my facebook status: People who are under 18, cover your ears or eyes...Today, in the elevator, one of my colleagues called me on eating flowers and boy, can you imagine how much I wish to be a man at that moment?

No one liked or commented on my joke and I knew some of them were online!  At least one of them responded to my comment on my another status.  Boy, with fun friends like that, who needs boring ones?  So, tell me, why don't you like this joke?  Do you already know that I used to be a bi- long time ago?

Alright, maybe because I should not have posted the photos below to show off the food from my garden.  I am indeed a flower eater.  I would kill to have some of it.  They are delicious!  Want some?  Care of guess what's in the green dish?  

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