Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Discovery of manhood

Today at bath time, I noticed that our 3 yr old son Niuniu was scratching/playing with his private part.  Concerned about his spreading bumps (molluscum contagiosum) from his upper tight to his genital area, I asked what did he have down there. He answered with his signature mischievous smile, "I have a ball in my Zizi" (penis in French).  His tone was playful and even a bit of proud.  Niuniu cannot speak as clearly as his sister, worst of all, he has this thick Southern accent that often confuses me.  I was so convinced that these bumps of molluscum contagiosum have developed so big that he thought they were little balls.  "Oh no, can I see what does it look like?" I requested with such obvious worries.  "Yea," he answered dutifully, "it moves!" he added.  From his curious/trying-to-understand look, I suddenly realized that our little man was fiddling his balls, those moving testicles, inside!  So, I told him to go and tell his daddy what he found down there.  He went and proudly announced, "Daddy, I have a ball in my Zizi!"

What a discovery of his manhood!

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