Tuesday, March 12, 2013

"The women on the 6th floor."

"I am officially overweight!"  Fabrice announced standing on the fancy weighing scale that I got from Ling - she gave me as a gift for my 50th birthday, that bastard!

"Oh, by how much?!"  I could not care less, because this husband of mine is 180 cm (5'11" for U.S. readers)'s tall, but only weights around 155 lbs, which is 70 kilograms and his "targeted" weight, anything heavier than that, he calls it "overweight".  He runs, swims, and plays soccer regularly.  If he was any thinner than what he is now, I would have not considered him handsome, if you know what I mean.

"2 lbs! I am now 157 lbs."  He answered with his typical "sadness", while walking out of the closet to the bathroom.  He then started brushing his teeth, pretending he was sad about the pathetic extra 2 lbs.

11-yrs living together made me believe that he was waiting for my admirations for his non existing fat.  He gained muscle mass from his intense soccer games lately.

I was just about giving him that.  After all, I am super generous with words - they are cheap yet effective, why not?!  Man readers out there, remember, praise your women, as often as you can, even that requires you to lie to their faces!

Then I smelled this rotten egg, the fouled odor should have only been existing in this world while you are alone!  Needless to say, my praising mood was killed immediately.  So, what came out of my mouth was this:

"Are you sure that extra 2 lbs were not from the gasses you just passed?"

I did not expect him to hear me though because of the noises from his electric toothbrush.  But then I found a surprised look on his face as if I was from Mars.

Then he laughed.

First time in my life, I made this husband of mine laugh.  He usually does not find my jokes funny.

"You finally learned." He said after he is done with his laughing, "I am the one who was supposed to say things like that!" he felt at loss, I guess.

"Blame the French movie!"  I was still making fun of his movie choice, because "The women on the 6th floor" is not the type of movies that Fabrice would enjoy watching.  It is so hollywood that I finally could just turn off my brain to relax while watching it.  Totally entertaining, to me.  I am shocked that I did not find him asleep in the middle of the movie.  He must have been kept awake by the outstanding acting of Fabrice Luchini or Natalia Verbeke.

At age of 50, I still can sit through "Legally blonde" and "when Harry met Sally" happily.  I still cry every single time when I watch "the sound of music", even though I must have watched it a millions of times already!  In my defense, I work with mentally damaged (M.D.) and Permanently Head Damaged (Ph.D.) colleagues.  My work kills my precious neurons daily in a very fast speed.  This type of predictable movies is exactly what I need to grow new neurons.

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